999currencyexchange Scam – Stay Away From 999 Currency Exchange

Read our 999 Currency Exchange review to see if this crypto exchange is a scam or legit. Just to clear doubts, this is a 999currencyexchange.com review.

999 Currency Exchange scam

Cryptocurrencies have become one of the most demanded assets these days, with people interested in buying and selling them for profit. Given that the market is highly volatile, there are a lot of opportunities that people can explore. In order to know that, you will require the services of a cryptocurrency exchange and there are plenty of those to be found as well. All it takes is a Google search for you to find the hundreds of platforms that now exist. Obviously, no two exchanges are created equal and the market is also rife with scams. This makes this 999currencyexchange a must because you don’t want to fall in any trap.

Most people don’t believe they can fall for a scam, until they do and end up regretting their decision. Unless you want to be in the same boat, it is best for you to be proactive and weigh your decision carefully before going ahead. Your goal is to take advantage of the opportunities in the cryptocurrency market and not let a fraudulent platform steal your money. This is something you should bear in mind when you are looking at the various cryptocurrency exchanges, 999currencyexchange being one of them.

The offerings you find at 999currencyexchange can be quite attractive, given that they allow you to get started with as low as $100 and also promise a 24 hour transaction processing time. However, you shouldn’t forget that most of the scams and Ponzi schemes out there use similar tactics to lure in their victims. Their goal is to gain your trust and they deliberately make claims that can help them accomplish it. If you take a closer look at 999currencyexchange, it will not take you long to realize that the website appears to have been created in haste and does not really offer you any such information that a legitimate exchange would.

They don’t have the same level of professionalism that authentic cryptocurrency exchange do and that should immediately set off alarm bells in your head. First off, a genuine exchange will have a business domain name as well as an official email address. But, what you find on the 999currencyexchange’s website is a Gmail address. No company would ever do so because it can harm their image significantly. Another major concern is that when you scour through the 999currencyexchange website, this is the only piece of information you find about the company.

There is absolutely no other data about who you are dealing with. This means that you have no idea who is operating 999currencyexchange, or where they are based for that matter. The website is virtually anonymous, with no office address, or even phone number provided. Does that sound like a legitimate exchange? When this essential information is not provided, you cannot ascertain if the exchange is regulated or not either. This means you cannot determine if you are provided any kind of protections, such as fund safety and more.

Even though 999currencyexchange does have an FAQ section on their website, it does not really offer any useful information either. Their website also shows their latest transaction, but the information given is very vague. Given that finance is all about numbers, it is surprising that they have not provided any statistics to back up all the claims they have made about profitability on their website. You will not find any past performance data about the exchange either and the problems continue to pile up.

Another issue you will have is that there are no customer testimonials about the 999currencyexchange either, which can give insight into the workings of the exchange and tell you what to expect. When you compare all of this with a legitimate exchange, you will find just how much 999currencyexchange is missing.

Final Word

After you are done going through their website in detail, it is apparent that 999currencyexchange does not even come close to a legitimate platform.

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