Crypto Revolt Review – Is Crypto Revolt Scam or Legit?

Read our Crypto Revolt robot review to see if this crypto robot is a scam or legit. Just to clear doubts, this is a Crypto Revolt cryptocurrency trading algorithm / robot review.

This “crypto trading robot” is marketed using several domains, among them are, and

Crypto Revolt Scam

If you have been keeping up with the market trends, then you are probably aware that the cryptocurrency market has been experiencing a great deal of volatility in the last couple of years. Of course, this means that there are plenty of opportunities to make money and you want to take advantage of them. You need a good platform to do so, one that can assist you in making the kind of returns you want. But, not all platforms are authentic, which makes it necessary for you to exercise caution. Checking out this Crypto Revolt review is one way of doing so.

At first glance, every platform will appear to be authentic and some of them can actually be very hard to resist. Their offerings are such that you want to open an account right away and deposit your money, lest the opportunity pass you by. However, you have to understand that this is exactly what scammers count on and you have to do your due diligence to ensure you are making a good decision. When you come across Crypto Revolt, their offer of 90% win rate on each trade can be tough to resist.

Moreover, the fact that you can take advantage of automated trading and not have to put any effort yourself can also be very tempting. Who doesn’t want to make huge sums of money on a daily basis? Nonetheless, you need to be practical and not make your decision based on the returns alone because it is easy for anyone to claim anything these days. What you need is proof and Crypto Revolt is severely lacking in this aspect. How? Let’s see:

No details about the software

The first essential piece of information that is lacking on the Crypto Revolt website is information about their software. Sure, you are told that it is powerful and profitable, but how does it work? There are no answers to this question available, so you don’t know whether it uses a trading algorithm, or some other technology for delivering the kind of results it promises.

They have not given any background about when the software came into existence either. Likewise, you should note that Crypto Revolt is making the same claims as the next platform, but cannot tell what makes them different. Why should you trust them?

False advertisements

The second problem that you will come to know at Crypto Revolt is the false advertisements and claims they have made on their website. The company falsely claims to be endorsed by different TV channels and media persons in an effort to promote itself. They have used some impressive names like Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Piers Morgan and Mark Cuban, but all these people have clarified that they have not endorsed any entity. In fact, if most of them are contacted, they are mostly unaware of the platforms that claim to be endorsed by them.

No information on the founders

When you go through the Crypto Revolt website, you will find that claims to have been founded by two brothers, but there is no other information available about them. Who are the brothers? What have they done? There is no information available, which makes the website more or less anonymous because you really don’t know anything about it. How can you trust them with their money? It doesn’t make sense.

There is no customer support

The problems don’t end here as yet because you will quickly learn that Crypto Revolt does not appear to have any customer support either. If you check out the Contact Us section on their website, you will only find a contact form that you are asked to fill. There is no phone number, or email address given, which means you have no channel for communicating with them.


Considering the red flags you can see on the Crypto Revolt platform, you can easily see that it is not authentic.

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