Gala (GALA): Platform Developments and Price Updates

  • Gala Games, a blockchain gaming project, stole headlines with its partnership with American singer Snoop Dogg.
  • Gala declared allocating $5 billion to expand its ecosystem.
  • For now, enthusiasts await Legends Lebron and Spider Tanks games to launch in the Gala ecosystem soon.
  • GALA has been among the top-performing tokens in February, surging 90% over the past few days.

Gala developers designed their project to revolutionize the gaming marketplace, ensuring players have complete control over games. Moreover, it had capitalized on NFTs, allowing players to use and own non-fungible tokens while controlling in-game characters and assets.

Launched in 2019 July, reports suggest Gala had more than one million online gamers playing Town Star while awaiting games’ launch. While waiting for the launch of eight games, let us check how Gala faired lately.

Price Updates

Though the broad market saw lucrative actions this month, GALA was among the top-performing crypto in February, doubling investors’ stakes. Gala token surged 90% within the past week. Nevertheless, GALA lost 5% over the past 24hrs, following a remarkable performance that had the crypto at a 30-day peak near $0.3928.

While writing this article, GALA traded at $0.347175, ranking 52 in the crypto list, with its market capitalization hovering around $2.42 billion.

Latest Developments

The NFT market boom has attracted several celebrities to digital art. Gala’s decentralized record company, Gala Music, patterned with American singer Snoop Dogg. The record firm declared plans to join the rapper in introducing his latest album (Bacc on Death Row). Moreover, 1 of 17 tracks from the new album is available as non-fungible tokens in Stash Boxes. For now, interested individuals can access the boxes in limited supply and time, starting from $5,000.

Gala plans to expand its NFT exposure as it announced assigning $5 billion to music, movies, theme park, and gaming within the coming 12 months. It will allocate $2 billion from these funds to the gaming sector. Meanwhile, $1 billion will go to music ambitions, while movies will receive another $1B. Finally, the remaining $1B will go to the theme part non-fungible tokens.

Market participants wait for the platform to launch other games. Remember, Gala ecosystem launched Town Star only from the nine games it announced. Introducing the remaining games will attract more gamers, boosting the GALA price and platform growth.

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