OKCoin Review – Is OKCoin a Scam?

Read our OKCoin review to see if this exchange is a scam or legit. Just to clear doubts, this is a Okcoin.com review.

OKCoin Review

OKCoin, created in 2013 in China, is among the most trustworthy fiat-to-crypto firms worldwide. OKCoin has upgraded the platform to include trading combinations with strong stability supplied by the hot wallet, lucrative interest-earning programs, and many altcoin marketplaces. In fact, it has some of the most affordable prices we’ve encountered. Read this OKCoin review and know what it has to offer customers like you.

Entering the world of cryptocurrencies might be perplexing. With numerous cryptocurrency exchanges available, it may be challenging to determine which one provides the most privacy while not overloading with the ability to purchase and sell cryptocurrency. OKCoin has created a platform that takes pleasure in offering the most incredible level of security. Yet you shouldn’t have to spend an excessive amount to be able to perform trades using OKCoin.

Trading Platform

The simple OKCoin platform will appeal to anybody, whether inexperienced in cryptocurrency or a seasoned trader. As a potential customer, you’ll have instant access to various bitcoin learning tools on the site. The simple instructions will walk you through the procedure when you’re ready to purchase your first crypto assets.

Suppose you have more skills and experience in trading; you may not need to sift through the online instructional materials. You will have accessibility to all of the comparative tools you’ll need to conduct confident trades. It is among the finest cryptocurrency trading platforms, providing fiat trading with cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Both experts and newbies will find the exchange easy to use.

They have created a dependable and competitive exchange by eliminating trade restrictions worldwide, including margin trading. Asia and China are the primary target markets for OKCoin users worldwide.

Security Policy

If you trade cryptocurrencies daily, you’ll notice that security is an insistent problem. You would not want someone to gain direct exposure to the account and severely damage your savings. OKCoin considers security particularly seriously. The exchanges safeguard your savings by storing 95 per cent of your cryptocurrency offline, enabling round-the-clock transactions surveillance, and enabling multi-factor encryption.

OKCoin has introduced a KYC (Know Your Customer) policy to prevent criminals from entering the trading platform. The OKCoin AML or Anti Money Laundering policy, which forbids any illegal activity, such as money laundering, is the second regulation imposed by OKCoin. OKCoin is your destination if you want high-quality service and safe exchange to continue your trades.

Account Types

Customers of OKCoin can select between two types of accounts: Corporate Accounts and Personal Accounts. Customers in Corporate accounts can include up to 20 selected persons, whereas Personal is a one-person account. But, the standards of verification vary.

There are also VIP categories that may be obtained by accumulating bonus points after completing KYC data. These VIP levels determine the level of trading costs as well as the lending and trading leverage restrictions.

Customer Support Service

This trading platform will never disappoint you when you look at the customer support service. Regardless of how simple and straightforward trading cryptocurrency looks, you will constantly need assistance and help during your trades. So the first thing you should always check is that there must be an easy way to contact the company.

OKCoin’s customer support service is excellent, particularly for cryptocurrency exchanges. Emails, telephonic help, a ticketing system, and online chats are all part of the customer support system. The staff is not only competent but also kind, and they respond quickly and effectively. Furthermore, OKCoin has a website dedicated to FAQs, which answers the most often asked questions by novice and experienced traders.


I have highlighted how this fantastic exchange is incredibly dependable in my review. It provides sophisticated trading methods and tools for high-volume traders, including both novice and seasoned traders. That is why it is included in the list of the top crypto exchanges. We know that every trader has their preference and trading choices, so it depends on you to choose this trading platform or not.

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