TheLibertyInternational Review – Is TheLibertyInternational a Scam?

Read our TheLibertyInternational review to see if this broker is a scam or legit. Just to clear doubts, this is a review.

Since the number of online brokerage scams has increased significantly, you will be forced to doubt every option you come across, even if it is legitimate. After all, the scammers are able to defraud so many people simply because they know just how to put up a great appearance.

No one wants to be the latest victim and be left empty-handed, especially because your goal is to make maximum returns by trading in the financial markets. Nevertheless, it also depends on the brokerage because not all of them can help you. In fact, some are best avoided, as this TheLibertyInternational review will show.

The only goal that scammers have is to steal your money, so you have to play it smart and ensure they are unable to do that. It means learning to resist the temptation of signing up with an online brokerage, simply because it is promising you the world on a platter.

Bear in mind that this is exactly what a fraud would do; exploit your weakness. You need to be skeptical of every company you come across, until you have assessed them carefully and determined that they are actually legitimate.

It may sound difficult, but it is easier than you think. All you have to do is to ensure that everything they have promised on their website is true. If they are a scam, you will learn quickly enough because they will not be able to fulfill any of their promises.

This will give you plenty of reasons to avoid them altogether. You will come to see this with TheLibertyInternational that has been presented as a leading broker offering its services to thousands of traders across Canada and the United Kingdom.

The brokerage is very attractive because it gives you the opportunity of trading an array of forex currency pairs, stocks, commodities, precious metals and crypto coins. Plus, TheLibertyInternational also promises transparency and security of your account and funds.

What more could you want? Nonetheless, you should not forget that claiming is one thing and actually doing it is different. This is where TheLibertyInternational fails and when you check it out, you will see lots of reasons to avoid it. Let’s start:

A virtually anonymous broker

Your relationship with a brokerage has to be based on trust because you entrust them with the responsibility of protecting your information and your funds. You cannot just do that with a stranger and the same applies to a company.

You need to get to know the brokerage first and ensure that they are licensed and regulated because this adds a layer of protection and reassurance. It can give you peace of mind that you are dealing with a legitimate firm.

If you are expecting this from TheLibertyInternational, then you are in for disappointment because you will learn that this is essentially a virtually anonymous brokerage.

All you have to do is go through its website and you will see that it only has a bunch of obscure phone numbers and an email address. There is no corporate background available, or even a corporate address and TheLibertyInternational has not made any mention of licensing and regulation either.

How can you trust a company with your sensitive information when it has not bothered to share any with you? The only piece of information you will find is when you go through the Terms and Conditions given on the website, where a vague reference has been made to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

This does not help with the credibility of TheLibertyInternational because this is an offshore zone that has a reputation of being a scam haven. The financial authorities in SVG do not oversee the forex industry, so anyone can set up operations there without any accountability. This implies that the brokerage cannot be trusted and is not a worthy option.

Trading platform

The trading platform is the most crucial tool that you are given by an online broker because it has to be used for trade execution. It also has to provide you with trading tools, so it has to be up to the mark because you want to make the most of your trading. The platform varies from broker to broker, so it is best to have a look beforehand to know what you are being offered.

This is where one of the claims of TheLibertyInternational falls apart because it promises an innovative trading platform, but what it delivers is just another simple web trader that is quite common amongst scam and shady brokers. It is an oversimplified and rudimentary trading platform that does not have much to offer other than the basics.

Trading conditions

The trading conditions should always be assessed because your bottom line will be affected. Here you will find a major reason to avoid TheLibertyInternational because even though it has advertised promising trading conditions, it is blatantly lying. It claims to offer you spreads starting at 1.6 pips, but they actually begin at 6.4 pips, which is just terrible.

Most brokers offer spreads below 1 pip, which makes these excessive. As for the leverage, TheLibertyInternational has offered ratios as high as 1:400. Leverage might be lucrative, but it can increase your losses and not just profits, which makes it very dangerous. Therefore, such high ratios should not be given and most legitimate brokers do not do so.

Payment methods

Checking the payment methods you will be provided is necessary for your safety and convenience and you will find that TheLibertyInternational has advertised a number of them. They promise payments via VISA and MasterCard, Bitcoins and Ethereum and bank wire transfers, along with some e-payment options that are unspecified.

The problem is that when you do try to make a deposit with TheLibertyInternational, you are told to contact the account manager for instructions. This usually happens with scam brokers who will then convince you into making crypto deposits, or use a different method that does not qualify for a chargeback, which means no refunds.

The Verdict

These reasons can convince you to avoid TheLibertyInternational because it is not a legitimate platform.

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