Wawex Scam – An Elaborate Crypto Mining Scam

Read our Wawex review to see if this crypto mining service is a scam or legit. Just to clear doubts, this is a wawex.pro review.

Wawex scamSince the cryptocurrency market has seen an upsurge, there has also been an increase in crypto mining activities that are aimed at minting more coins. There is no denying that this activity can be immensely profitable when the market is surging, but it also requires effort and investment on your part. Of course, not everyone can set up their own mining farm, so they look for alternatives and this is where they utilize crypto mining platforms that have been established for this purpose. But, why is this Wawex review needed?

This is due to the fact that not all platforms that exist are legitimate and authentic. The cryptocurrency market is known for its scams and many crypto mining platforms are also fraudulent. Therefore, you have to navigate the space very carefully to avoid any such disasters. The same applies to Wawex, which is a platform that claims to offer you a daily return on investment (ROI) when you invest with them, as they will mine cryptocurrencies on your behalf. They are offering anywhere between 1% and 5% returns, depending on the plan you choose. This would make a return of about 150% a month and would definitely be a dream come true for those who want to make the most of cryptocurrency mining.

However, you shouldn’t forget that it sounds like something too good to be true and when you dig in deeper, you will find that this is exactly the problem with Wawex. Read on to find out:

The warning signs to note

A visit to the Wawex website shows that it claims to be an international firm offering Blockchain based solutions that was established in 2015. They present themselves as a team of experts, but you will not find any details about these ‘experts’. No authentic platform would ever mask such important details, especially when they can help win the trust of potential clients.

Another claim you come across is that they are the largest distributor of computing power for crypto mining, yet you will not find their name listed anywhere. There is also some contradictory information that you will come across on the Wawex website. At one point, they say that people are entitled to a bonus of 25 GH/s when they sign up and at another point it is said that a welcome bonus of 500 GH/s is provided.

Moving on, when you check the plans offered on the Wawex website, you will also find that they have not specified a time period for the contracts. This means that you don’t know if you will get the ROIs mentioned for the foreseeable future, or for a specific time period. The implication is that you can earn this much money for lifetime, which is not something anyone can predict where the crypto space is concerned.

Crypto mining can be very expensive, so actual contracts usually have a limited time duration. Another problem with Wawex is the returns they are promising because no mining operation is capable of generating 5% returns on a daily basis, regardless of how sophisticated or advanced it is. This is because the profits depend on the prices of cryptocurrencies being mined and this tends to fluctuate very quickly. The same is applicable to electricity costs and other mining costs that are incurred.

In addition, the statistics that Wawex has mentioned on its website don’t come with any proof. There is no way to audit the given figures independently and you cannot just take their word for it. After all, anyone can claim to offer you any amount of profits, but they need to share the necessary evidence to convince you.

As there is no detail available about ownership, license or registration, Wawex is not reliable in any aspect.

Final Thoughts

After you have gone through this review and taken apart their offerings, you can determine that Wawex is just an elaborate crypto mining scam and nothing more.

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