Zaif Review – Is Zaif a Scam?

Read our Zaif review to see if this exchange is a scam or legit. Just to clear doubts, this is a review.

Zaif is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Japan. There are numerous cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan, with Zaif being one of the most well-known. The exchange is one of the biggest in existence and is renowned for its reputable characteristics. Read the following Zaif review to find all features of this cryptocurrency exchange to find out what sets Zaif apart from the competitors in the market and whether they would be suitable for you.

Though Zaif is centred in Japan, it embraces traders from all over the globe and provides facilities in both English and Japanese. Since its beginning, the exchange has flourished and keeps expanding and adding exciting and innovative cryptocurrencies to its trading platform.


It is an innovative platform that offers cutting-edge cryptocurrency exchange possibilities. In specific, in conjunction with standard trading, the subscriber base provides a quick trading facility. You can earn cryptocurrency by enjoying mobile apps on the Zaif exchange. As a result, profits are being merged with the realm of enjoyment, which is a significant trend. Zaif facilitates a very contemporary and functional website. As previously stated, it has two distinct interfaces crafted and tailored for users with varying investment expertise and contexts.

As a result, everybody can trade on the platform, making the exchange extremely user-friendly. It provides an “Instant Exchange” trading ui by which everyone can make Purchases of bitcoin or MonaCoin for Japanese yen. Trading on Zaif is thus beneficial to fresh traders. The exchange also provides bitcoin futures, which is advantageous for those seeking something more than standard features.

Withdrawal Fees and Deposit Methods

You can deposit using a bank transfer or a credit/debit card at this trading exchange. This is incredibly beneficial for relatively new cryptocurrency traders. When you withdraw bitcoins from Zaif, you will be charged a fee of 0.0001. This fee is significantly lower than the industry median. You can, however, speed things up the withdrawal process by offering a nominal fee, up to 0.01 BTC.


The Zaif exchange is regarded as one of the market’s least risky and most protected cryptocurrency exchanges.  High tech SSL encryption and cold storage of clients’ wallets are used to guarantee the platform’s confidentiality. Zaif employs the two-factor authentication system (2FA) prevalent in several other crypto trading platforms.

This safeguards them against any hacking attacks on the exchange. Users are also protected by a multi-signature withdrawal procedure and two-factor authentication methods when accessing their accounts and making withdrawals. Furthermore, on the Zaif exchange, every user is recognized and respected. All market participants have direct exposure to all of the exchange’s features and tools.

Customer Support Service

An even more sensitive area where the Zaif exchange shines is in customer support service. Customer support is always needed for both new traders and experienced traders. Zaif exchange offers an excellent assistance service for their clients on their platform. Assistance is provided in both Japanese and English language, and the officials are extremely friendly and responsive. You can contact them through an email customer support helpdesk. This keeps things organized and convenient when there are a lot of them.

Customer service agents are accessible from 10:00 a.m. to 17:30 p.m., five days a week. The support team is available through their social networks on Facebook and Twitter. Zaif also has much extra support for clients to request permission, such as a comprehensive FAQ page and information-based articles with a wealth of helpful content.


The Zaif trading platform provides advantageous trade patterns. Zaif is a significant cryptocurrency exchange that delivers excellent services for cryptocurrency trading. They provide several useful features, including a fast exchange, a trading platform, margin trading, and Bitcoin futures. They also address the needs of both novice and progressed traders.

Zaif is a cryptocurrency exchange that genuinely caters to anyone and everyone. The standard web terminal is simple to use and understand. You can order a physical card with distinctive features that transfers funds via Twitter through the exchange. Newcomers, previously experienced traders and crypto investors can all benefit from working with this site.

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